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Data Center Design Validation (DCDV)

Data Center Design Validation (DCDV)

Many data center operator/owners have experienced situations whereby self-proclaimed ANSI/TIA-942 designers/consultants created designs which subsequently were implemented only to be found later to be non-conforming to the actual design requirements of the ANSI/TIA-942 standard. In many of those cases it would be virtually impossible to correct the constructed data center either due to physical and time-to-market limitations or simply because of budgets not allowing for additional costs. Unfortunately, many project managers have fallen victim to this and ultimately they couldn’t deliver what was promised to the data center operator/owner.


Avoid these costly and devastating mistakes by using the Data Center Design Validation Service.  This service is aimed at conducting a thorough review of the design documents. Certified external auditors on the ANSI/TIA-942 standard will provide a nonconformity report indicating the concerns which need to be addressed to ensure that after the build, the data center would pass the ANSI/TIA-942 audit. Based on this nonconformity report the customer can improve the design and then submit the final design document package for a final review. If the documents are found to be fully conforming to the design requirements, a letter of conformity to the ANSI/TIA-942 standard will be issued.


Construction can now start and the data center operator/owner can be assured that if the contractors build as per the design document package, the audit should not show any major nonconformity.


Data center design validation services is also valuable for renovation projects. Either as a validation on the design for a particular sub-part of the data center or as guarantee that the changes to the original design and built of the data center is not going to impact the existing certification of the data center.


The service includes:

  • Review of detailed design document package
  • Report indicating major nonconformities
  • Optional teleconference with project team to ensure comprehension of the findings in the report
  • Review of revised design document package
  • Award of Design Conformity Certificate


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