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Audit and certification is an important step for data centers to validate that the design and build meets the requirements laid down in the ANSI/TIA-942 standard. Audits need to be conducted by appropriate qualified auditors and by organizations which are authorized to do so.


Audit/Certification Companies

Audits can only be conducted by Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs). A CAB has been accredited ensuring they have no conflict of interest, follow ISO audit policies, procedures and processes and have competent and qualified auditors.

CABs have to undergo regular surveillance and recertification audits performed by an Authorized Accreditation Body. Certac has been appointed by TIA to be the global accreditation body overseeing the CABs.

All CABs can be found via this link. If the company/certification body you intend to engage is not listed then they are not authorized. If in doubt you can write to with the details for verification.



ANSI/TIA-942 auditors need to be duly qualified and certified. In order to qualify as an auditor he/she will need to meet the stringent requirements laid down by the accreditation authority. These requirements include appropriate levels of experience on the technical subject matter of the ANSI/TIA-942 standard itself, as well as meeting the requirements laid down by ISO for auditors.

Auditors are not allowed to operate as an individual and must be affiliated and operated under an CAB. As such, data center operator/owners shall engage only CABs for their DCDV (Data Center Design Validation) and DCCC (Data Center Conformity Certification) services. CABs can be validated via this link.



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