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For consulting & audit companies

Consulting & Audit companies can register for membership to list their information on our search database to generate leads from visitors searching for Consulting/Audit company services.

We offer 2 levels of membership – Gold and Platinum.  The benefits are numerous and listed in details below.

Items Gold Platinum
Price per year USD 1,500 USD 2,500
Listing on the Consulting/Audit Companies search results in your country
Company Name
Member since
(Information resets if renewal is not done prior to expiry)
No. of affiliated CTDC
No. of affiliated CTIA
No. of affiliated CTEA
Other relevant info
Enquiry request form
Link to company profile page  
Company profile with detailed info  
Receive a copy of all enquiry emails (for consulting & audit services)
for your country
Upgrade option to be listed in search result by region(s)/world, and receive a copy of all enquiry emails for your listed services in the subscribed region(s)/world.  
Banner advertisement options  


Listing & Enquiry Leads Upgrade (for Platinum members)

Platinum members have the option to upgrade for listing in extended geographical region and also receive a copy of the general enquiry leads for the subscribed regions.

Regions Price Per Year
USA & Canada USD 500 per region
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Sub-Saharan & Africa
Middle East
South East Asia
North Asia
Whole World USD 2,000


Rotating Banner Advertisements Options (for Platinum members)

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Banner Advertisement - Top Banner (470 pixel x 60 pixel)
1 month USD 500 USD 150 USD 150 USD 150 USD 800
3 months USD 1,200 USD 400 USD 400 USD 400 USD 2,000
6 months USD 2,000 USD 650 USD 650 USD 650 USD 3,300
12 months USD 3,000 USD 1,000 USD 1,000 USD 1,000 USD 5,000
Banner Advertisement - Right Banner (248 pixel x 150 pixel)
1 month USD 200 USD 75 USD 75 USD 75 USD 350
3 months USD 450 USD 150 USD 150 USD 150 USD 750
6 months USD 700 USD 250 USD 250 USD 250 USD 1,200
12 months USD 1,000 USD 350 USD 350 USD 350 USD 1,700
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