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This website is aimed at providing information to those, individuals and organizations, who seek to understand more about the ANSI/TIA-942 standard. This website also serves as a single source for finding information about ANSI/TIA-942 compliant data centers, certified auditors and consultants.


Organizations involved in the ANSI/TIA-942 standard, accreditation, training and auditing:


TIA – Telecommunications Industry Association

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) is the leading trade association representing the global information and communications technology (ICT) industry through standards development, policy initiatives, business opportunities, market intelligence and networking events. With support from hundreds of members, TIA enhances the business environment for companies involved in telecom, broadband, mobile wireless, information technology, networks, cable, satellite, unified communications, emergency communications and the greening of technology. TIA is accredited by ANSI. The roles of TIA is being the developer and owner of the ANSI/TIA-942 standard, and maintaining the standard continuously to be aligned with the ever changing needs of the data center industry.


ANSI – American National Standards Institute

The Institute oversees the creation, promulgation and use of thousands of norms and guidelines that directly impact businesses in nearly every sector: from acoustical devices to construction equipment, from dairy and livestock production to energy distribution, and many more. ANSI is also actively engaged in accrediting programs that assess conformance to standards – including globally-recognized cross-sector programs such as the ISO 9000 (quality) and ISO 14000 (environmental) management systems. ANSI’s role is the accreditation and certification of TIA as a standard developer.


EPI – Enterprise Products Integration Pte Ltd

EPI is a company of European origin operating world-wide in over 50 countries through direct operations and a large partner network. EPI off­ers an extensive range of Data Centre services on consultancy, auditing, certification and training. EPI’s focus is on mission critical, high-availability environments. Established in 1987, EPI has developed an international reputation for delivering high quality technical expertise, with flexible and innovative services, techniques and methodologies and is the world’s largest provider of accredited data center facilities training as well as the largest provider of ANSI/TIA-942 compliance audit and certification services. EPI is the owner and developer of the ANSI/TIA-942 training programs (CTDC, CTIA and CTEA) as well as the ANSI/TIA-942 audit methodology and certification scheme.

About EXIN

EXIN is a global provider of independent information management certification and accreditation. EXIN offer the most comprehensive portfolio of certificates and cooperate with hundreds of accredited partners worldwide, who provide training, develop courseware and manage examination centers. EXIN is ISO-certified (ISO 9001:2008). We operate according to ISO 17024, ISO 27001 and EN 45011. EXIN has certified close to 2 million individuals and continues to grow.

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